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Atlanta Water Heater RepairDo you have a leaking water heater in your residential or commercial building in Atlanta, GA? Before you call our talented plumbers, check to see if you can make the repair yourself.

If yours must be replaced, consider a more energy efficient, Energy Star rated model by Rheem, GE, AO Smith, Whirlpool, Bradford-White or other great brands available. Tankless water heaters should also be considered.

The Water Heater Tank May Not Be Leaking

Many people make the mistake of assuming that water collecting on the ground around the water heater is from a leak in the equipment. Many times, it’s not a leak at all. It just might be moisture build-up or condensation building up around it the tank retains hot water.

Check the Water Heater Drain

Many times, fixing a leak is as simple as tightening the little faucet on the unit. If you suspect that your drain valve is the reason, screw it within very tight, employing a wrench. Making it as closed as you can with your hand is usually good enough but sometimes it just requires a little extra elbow grease.

If the Water Heater Tank is Leaking, Call 404-793-7887 for the Atlanta Plumber

There’s a limited lifespan for the tank, usually ten years. Depending on just how expensive the unit was when bought, the unit you have in your home might possibly not have the best corrosion level of resistance. Cheap, builder’s grade equipment has a shorter warranty and will leak sooner than an upgraded, Energy Star rated model. The tank retains water all the time so it is susceptible to rust as well as corrosion. If the tank is no good, get a new water heater. It’ll be less expensive than changing out the tank.

Are the Water Lines Leaking?

If the drip is coming from the plumbing, find the fitting the water is leaking out of and tighten up it. Make sure never to over tighten. If the joints are solder or compressed, call this Atlanta water heater plumber.

In the event the leak is being due to something other than these issues, it may be time for a new one. We install and repair all brands:

Conventional, Tank Water Heaters – Note that some of these manufacturers have
a tankless model, too.

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