The main pipe, which exits from your Alpharetta house that performs the function of drainage of waste is known as the sewer line or sewer mains. When this sewer pipe gets clogged, the total house system won’t be able to get drained. Generally this is apparent when the lowest plumbing fixture present in your house or commercial space backs up, either in the cellar or along the first floor.

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Causes behind sewer clogs

The most primary cause of sewer clogs or blockages here in Alpharetta, GA can be found as tree roots or tree root infiltration. Most of the older homes present in Alpharetta normally have cement pipe or terra-cotta made sewer lines. The major problem with these old pipes is the joints of such pipes usually start leaking after few years. Tree roots get attracted towards this steady flow of moisture and start penetrating your sewer line that leads to sewer clog.

Other reasons like ground settling, corrosion of pipes due to aging, damage to sewer line due to pipes with inferior material or freezing too cause damaged sewer lines.

Diagnosing the sewer problem

If you have a sewer stoppage and “snaking” has given relief, you may want our technician to follow up with a camera inspection of your pipe. This will show the condition of the pipe and whether or not replacing a section of sewer is necessary while carrying out the task of Atlanta sewer repair. We are the best when it comes to sewer repairs in Atlanta, GA.

RS Andrews Plumbing solution for such sewer line clogs consists of diverse options…

  • Running a machine powered snake that has a root/sewage cutting head to clear the blockage in the line. This turns out as a good solution in most of the cases; however, typically will not get rid of all the roots and eventually the roots will grow back.
  • The gravest instance is when such snaking is unable to penetrate through the root clog. In such situation, it is necessary to dig up the sewer pipe and either replace a section or replace the entire pipe from house to street.
  • We would use PVC pipe for this as it is water-tight.